Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Universal Analyzers

Product Showcase

270 Series

The Universal Analyzers Model 270S heated sample probe is designed for continuous use in extractive gas sampling systems. The modular design is used to filter dust and particulate from a wide variety of gas streams in exhaust stacks and duct applications. The sample probe is designed with the end user in mind and comes with a unique no-tools design for filter replacement. This versatile probe is available in a number of configurations with many options to customize it to specific applications.

These options include:

Corrosion Resistant Wetted Materials

Choice of Flange Sizes (2, 3, 4, 6 inch)

Self or DIN Controlled Filter Heat

Filter Blowback (for low maintenance)

Location Compliant Supply and Control Voltages

Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Enclosures for

Environmental Protection.

Optional Hazardous Area FM Approval for Class I, Div.2 areas.

To avoid sample condensation in the probe, a heater is used to keep the filter chamber, element and tube connections hot and above the dew point. Temperature is controlled up to 340°F standard or 600°F in the “HiTemp” configuration.

For continuous operation in low to moderate dust loading environments, it is important to provide filter blowback for periodic cleaning of the filter chamber and probe tube. High-pressure plant air is stored in an accumulator tank and then released through a Hi-flow solenoid valve.

Model 275HD

Universal Analyzers Heated Dilution Gas Sample Probe is designed for continuous use in applications that require Dilution of a Sample Gas stream whether for Compliance, Safety or Process Gas Analysis Applications

The critical orifice and eductor are configured outside the stack along with the heated filter chamber for easy access and maintenance. The sapphire orifice is fully protected in a Stainless Steel holder with its own protection filter. Both the orifice and eductor are completely isolated from the main filter element to prevent damage during routine maintenance. Dilution air entering the eductor manifold is pre-heated to avoid any resulting dew point changes. Connections are available for entering calibration gas through the filter chamber and for measuring vacuum off the educator manifold.

The modular design is used to filter particulate prior to the sample entering the critical orifice. The sample probe is designed with the end user in mind and comes with a unique no-tools design for filter replacement. To avoid cold spots, an insulated wrap is included along with a high wattage heater to keep the filter element and tube connections hot and above the acid dew point. Temperature can be controlled up to 375°F standard or up to 600°F optionally. A unique over-sized (9” L) Stainless Steel filter (2μm) element comes standard and optional temperature control schemes, ANSI flanges, heated and non-heated probe tubes and probe tip filters are available.

Model 728

A Model 278 Dilution Probe Controller is used in conjunction with a Dilution Probe to create a diluted sample. The dilution ratio can be increased or decreased by varying the dilution motive pressure with the dilution motive air regulator. The model 728 has a precision regulator with a double diaphragm to provide a stable dilution motive pressure to the dilution eductor located in the dilution probe for a stable dilution ratio. A gage is supplied that indicates the pressure of dilution motive air. In siilar fashion the instrument air for the fast-loop and calibration gas each have a pressure regulator and a gauge. Solenoid valves are installed to cut-off the fast- loop and dilution motive air in the event of a low temperature alarm or if the filter needs to be changed.

The diluted sample returns from the dilution probe where flow meter(s) with needle valves are provided to distribute the diluted sample to the user’s analyzers. A flow indictor is provided for the sample bypass to prevent pressurization of the dilution eductor. A vacuum gage is included to monitor the dilution eductor. Calibration gases are manually and/or remotely controlled for calibrations and validations. The calibration gas status is shown with LED status indicators.

The Model 728 Dilution Probe Controller can be customized to meet your application with options for temperature monitoring and control, blowback, number of calibration valves and sample flow meters. Please consult the factory for any special requirements.

3000 Series

The 3000 Series Gas Coolers are widely used in both General Purpose as well as Hazardous Classified Areas such as those found at Refineries. The 3000 Series Gas Coolers come with an FM approval for Class I, Div. 2 groups A, B, C, D. The 3000 Series uses Peltier elements to Thermo Electrically reduce the dew point of a gas sample, rapidly condense and remove the water, providing a dry gas sample for the gas analyzers. This purposeful design allows the 3000 Series to be optionally equipped with many sample system features that can be attached directly to the Model 3000 enclosure. These features can include a sample pump, peristaltic pump, inline filter with water carry over sensor and a flow meter.

FM approved for use in Class I, Div. 2 groups A, B, C, D

Designed to allow integration of peristaltic pump and other accessories direct to the 3000 Series chassis

Heated Exchangers for efficient condensate separation

Heat Sink cooled with a highly efficient blower

Digital Temperature Display

Status Lights

Alarm Contacts

Stable Dew Point

Universal Analyzers 510 S Portable Gas Conditioner

The Universal model 510S uses a thermoelectric chiller to dry a gas sample prior to being analyzed by a portable combustion monitor or infrared analyzer. It is light weight at approximately 10 lbs and easy to cary with its built in handle. This unit supplies up to 2 lpm depending on sample gas conditions.